Apple releases second beta of macOS Monterey 12.4 for developers

Monterey 12.4

The Apple machine never stops. Sometimes it may go slower, and other times faster, but it is sure to always be working and ensuring the safety and comfort of its users.

Today is beta day, and from Cupertino they have released new versions for the software developers of all the devices that have a bitten apple printed on them, including Macs. just launched macOS Monterey 12.4 beta 2 for developers.

Today is beta day in Cupertino, and following the release of the first macOS 12.4 beta for developers and public testers just two weeks agojust a few minutes ago these developers can start testing the second beta of macOS Monterey 12.4.

macOS 12.4 beta 2 is now available through the OTA update system for developers who are already testing the first beta of that version, as well as being available on Apple’s developer website. The version comes with the number of build 21F5058e.

The first beta version of macOS 12.4 didn’t have any notable new features, but Apple did include a warning that Universal Control functionality will require a Mac to be on the latest beta version if the iPad it’s connecting to is running iPadOS 15.5.

Although the Universal control was first officially released with macOS Monterey version 12.3, it is still in beta by Apple. The improvements in version 12.4 are mainly focused on that new Universal Control feature.

From here we always advise the same. You may be able to get a developer account, or download the beta version in parallel. Do not install it on a Mac that you use daily for work or study. A beta version, although they are usually very stable, may have bugs, and cause the Mac to crash, losing all your data. The developers install them on computers prepared for it, which is not your case. Be patient, and wait for the final version for all users.

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