Apple Releases WatchOS 8.1.1 and Fixes Apple Watch Series 7 Charging Issue

With a few hours of difference between the launch of the new beta for the Apple Watch, the American company has launched an update of its operating system, which comes to solve one of the problems that the owners and users of the new Apple were facing Watch Series 7. Fixed a bug with Series 7 watches they are not loading “as expected”.

Take a look at the Appel Watch app on your iPhone especially if you have a 7 series model, because WatchOS 8.1.1 now appears via OTA for watch users in the Watch app. Apple says the update presents a remedy for charging problems with Series 7 hardware.

watchOS 8.1.1 fixes an issue where the Apple Watch Series 7 may may not load as expected for some users.

The update comes after Apple released iOS 15.1.1, which included fixes for problems with missed calls on iPhone 12 and 13. We haven’t heard of widespread issues with the Apple Watch Series 7 not charging properly but logically so this update has been released there must be or it means that Apple does not want it to go mainstream. It could have something to do with the fast charging that is exclusive to the latest Apple Watch. With this new update, Apple says that watchOS 8.1.1 and iOS 15.1.1 they do not include any security updates.

So you know, whether or not you have had charging problems on your new Apple Watch Series 7, you better update because it always comes in handy. To avoid problems and if they already exist, to solve them. Check the app and look for the update that is now downloadable.

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