Apple removes Unidays validation for student purchases

One of the campaigns that Apple has every year is to be able to purchase products for students, teachers or similar at a special price. In certain products these discounts are more than important and invite you to be able to acquire, for example, Mac at more attractive prices. However, the data verification process, that is, to prove that you were indeed a student, was a bit cumbersome. Unidays was in charge of it and sometimes it did not recognize the documents that were provided, at least from Spain. That seems to change because Apple will do without Unidays.

Unidays is an online discount service that works reasonably well, well I mean it worked well. because it is true that for a few days it is almost impossible to perform any operation through its pages. It’s a little frustrating. You want to register as qualified personnel and it gives you an error, or it does not collect the data correctly. Well what can be said as a disaster.

This may be why Apple appears to have backtracked on its decision to require stricter verification for customers on its online education store just a couple of days after implementing it. On Wednesday, students, teachers and others in the education field were required to verify their status before getting a 10% discount on Apple products. But right now, today, Saturday, that requirement is no longer necessary.

It is true that b because it may be due to Unidays failures or it may be because Apple no longer wants so much restriction and to be able to reach more people with that discount. More sales = more money. We suspect it may be temporary, as it is in place for customers to verify their educational status through Unidays to qualify for the discounted Apple Music student plan.

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