Apple requires unvaccinated corporate employees to be tested for COVID-19 daily

A couple of days ago, we published an article about the measures that Apple planned to implement in the back to school of its workers to the facilities. A couple of days later, at Bloomberg he had access to those plans, plans that will require daily tests to the unvaccinated.

According to Bloomberg, all employees who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, will have to take a test each time they enter the facilities. For now, Apple still does not require its employees to get vaccinated to return to the office, but that could change soon.

The Joe Biden administration is demanding that all federal contractors Require your employees to get vaccinated before December 8.

By selling Apple products to the Biden government, if employees are not vaccinated by then, the Cupertino-based company he will have to change his measures and force his employees.

At the moment, many technology companies have changed their demand plans and are forcing their employees to be vaccinated to return to face-to-face work, something Apple has so far refused.

Employees who have been vaccinated will have to pass the COVID-19 test once a week. Regarding the personnel who work in the stores, the unvaccinated will have to take the tests two days a week instead of daily, while the vaccinated, will do it once a week.

Employees who undergo these tests may use rapid tests at home, test that can be collected at Apple offices and stores.

Regarding the return to Apple offices, this process it won’t take place until january. Initially, it will be at least 3 days a week, although employees unhappy with this measure have not yet said their last word.

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