Apple returns to include the blade icon in Final Cut to replace scissors

Each new version of an operating system or an application usually goes hand in hand with aesthetic changes, aesthetic changes that can be received in different ways by users. If we talk about iOS 15, many are the users who follow without getting used to the idea of ​​the location of the Safari navigation bar and its operation, something that for now Apple can still change before the release of the final version.

If we talk about applications for Mac and design changes that have not been liked by users, we have to talk about the Final Cut knife function. The latest update of this application, replaced the icon of the blade to cut videos with a scissors. So far so good. However, this new icon does not perform its function from where you would initially expect.

In the details of the last update that the Final Cut application received a few days ago, we can read:

  • • Improves stability when exporting with certain macOS language and region preferences.
  • • Improves stability when playing H.264 or HEVC multimedia content.

Just as Apple did not report in the application details of the blade icon update, it also does not report in the details of this latest update that has reversed the change and has left it as it worked until the release of version 10.5.3 released on June 17th.

In the image posted by Marques Brownlee on Twitter we can see scissors icon cutting setting instead of the blade, it did not allow the user to quickly use that function, but rather depended on the cutting line being represented.

Final Cut Pro (AppStore Link)

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