Apple Ring: what is it and when will it go on sale

Apple continues to work on a multitude of devices, not only in the ranges of products that are already on the market, but also in different devices that today are just a sketch in a patent office. One of these products is the Apple Ring, and a few months ago a recreation of what this new device from the Cupertino company could look like was seen. In this post we tell you how little is known about these devices.

Apple is expanding the market and does not want to dedicate itself only to mobile phones, computers, tablets and smart watches. In this case it is about smart rings. It is not the first time that smart rings have been seen, but those of the Cupertino company have not yet brought them to light. In 2019 Apple had already filed a patent for a smart ring. Called the Apple Ring, the idea behind this biometric, touchscreen, and Siri-enabled gadget was to control devices including a TV or the iPhone.

This is what is known

At the moment they are all rumors, but the provisional names for these devices are Apple Ring PRO and Apple Ring, although it is not official. These two ring designs are quite well differentiated, one of them more classic, with a slim profile and integrating a screen along its entire surface, through which we could access various information generated by our iPhone. A design certainly much more discreet than that of the AppleRing PROwhich would be a real Apple Watch but in miniaturein the image and likeness of one of those that is usually given to the winners of important sporting events.

apple ring prototype

In this case, the ring has a much thicker body, and allows a much larger screen to be integrated, with a ratio of squarer look, and in which you can see numerous information related to the phone. It’s not one of the most polished concepts Apple has seen. In fact, so much so that I like the Apple Ring better than the Pro model, since it seems much more elegant and closer to what can be expected from an Apple product, with a much more minimalist look. The odds of Apple releasing a smart ring are pretty slim, close to none. We must first take into account the null size of the smart ring market, of which only a handful of models have been known, generally promoted by independent manufacturers.

For that reason, it would be strange if Apple opted for a ring in its range of products, at least in the medium term. In addition, it must be recognized that especially the concept of the Pro model does not make much sense, with a screen like that in an object that could not house a panel larger than 1 inch. Despite the announcement of the patent a few years ago, as we have already mentioned, it will be quite difficult to see this ring created by Apple.

Apple Ring patent

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