Apple rules out launching the iPhone 13 this year (has its explanation)

We should get used to talking about the iPhone 12s by now

If we review the history of the iPhone we can find that in 2009 a phone was launched practically identical to the previous year. That was the iPhone 3GS, which bore a great aesthetic and functional resemblance to the 3G launched in 2008, but with some differences in its hardware. That model served so that, in the end, the company used the nomenclature ‘S’ to name its more continuous phone ranges and that did not represent great novelties in the range.

After that iPhone 3GS came iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s and iPhone XS. That last case dates back to just 3 years ago, when the company launched a smartphone almost identical to the already mythical iPhone X of 2017, only with better performance at the chip level, slight improvements in cameras, a new color and a version ‘ Max ‘6.5 inches. After this came the iPhone 11 and more recently the iPhone 12. Now we all talk about the iPhone 13 range as the presumable for this year, but several analysts have been stating for months that they may not be called that and a recent report from Trendforce has been the which has once again reaffirmed the idea that this year we have to see iPhone 12s.

name iphone xs

Latest example of an “S” range iPhone

What does this change in nomenclature imply?

The number 13 is very particular in the world. Some even refer to this number as 12 + 1 for reasons of superstition. And while it is true that there will be those who can back down from that number, it does not seem that suppressing it due to bad luck is a reason why Apple is not going to launch it this year. In fact, we already knew operating systems such as iOS, iPadOS and tvOS that carried that number without this having any strange impact on the update rate of users.

Probably everything is motivated by an issue that at the marketing level can have many readings, both negative and positive, and that is the fact of having a iPhone continuist without major changes that make it look like a totally different phone from the previous one. Although those less accustomed to the brand may confuse the iPhone 12 with the 12s as in its day it happened with other cases of the ‘S’ range. And with this it is likely that they will also predict an iPhone 13 in 2022 with really remarkable news.

render iphone 13 pro

Render of the possible iPhone 12s Pro

What seems clear is that, at least for the moment, in Cupertino they do not raise the idea of remove numbers from iPhone as they have already done on other computers such as iPads or Macs. Basically because it would be tremendously confusing on their flagship device, since they would become popularly known as “iPhone 2021” (or whatever year it touches) to differentiate them and that would work against them Since Apple launches these phones at the end of the year and thinking that a new year would start in three months would make its newest iPhones in a way sound as if they were already old.

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