Apple sells off new headphones, delivery before Christmas

AirPods 3 are showing up at a discounted price at AliExpress. In addition to saving money, you are sure to receive the order before the Christmas holidays, take advantage of it now.

The AirPods 3 are the last wireless headphones made official by Apple, they have been available on the market since the end of October. These offer a nice update of the previous version with a new design that makes them even more comfortable and the arrival of spatial audio. For the holidays, this recent model is getting a nice discount at AliExpress to present itself as the perfect gift idea for Christmas.

Thanks to the current offer at AliExpress, the AirPods 3 are displayed at 174 euros instead of 199 euros with the code SDFRA20. In addition, the online merchant is able to deliver to you just before Christmas so that you can put the wireless headphones under the tree if that is the goal. Please note, the reduction and the number of copies available remain very limited, so remember to take action without delay.

To take advantage of the offer on AirPods 3, it’s here:

See the AliExpress offer

If you order the AirPods 3 now from AliExpress, delivery is guaranteed (and free) by December 23, just in time for Christmas. Indeed, the merchant has several warehouses in France which allow him to make rapid shipments even during the end of the year celebrations. Plus, you have up to 20 days to change your mind and return the order if you’re not convinced. This can be useful if you are gifting the headphones and they are not suitable for their intended recipient.

AliExpress is the only one to offer a discount on AirPods 3 at the moment, the new wireless headphones are displayed at the prices of the old AirPods 2 even though this model has been available for just a few months. Do not count on Apple, because the brand never cuts its references. Fortunately, it allows some merchants to offer one-off discounts like this unique offer: never has this model been entitled to such a low price since its official release.

The AirPods 3, a new model from Apple

The AirPods 3 have all the arguments to become a must-have model on the market – just like the previous versions. These new wireless earbuds are a perfect compromise between AirPods 2 and AirPods 3, they are also in a premium niche with great features as well as some not insignificant updates.

Initially, Apple improved the autonomy with the AirPods 3. If it was already good on the previous models, it goes up to 30 hours of autonomy for music with this version. Like other wireless headphones, these are charged using the box provided at purchase (wired or wireless).

On the other hand, the AirPods 3 offer a little novelty in terms of design, the rod has been shrunk by 30% compared to the AirPods 2. This model always comes with standard tips, it wants to be comfortable even after several hours. listening and it sits securely in the ears. In addition, it is IPX4 certified for water and perspiration resistance, so you can wear these headphones in peace to play sports.

Finally, the AirPods 3 offer better sound orientation. They can also count on the presence of spatial audio, a technology that allows dynamic sound tracking according to the user’s head movements. This new version is perfect for any use, whether you want to listen to music while you work, walk or play sports. Note that the model is entitled to all the classic advantages as at Apple, including a two-year manufacturer’s warranty provided by AliExpress. If you have any questions, you can also go to the brand’s stores. Don’t miss this unique opportunity for the Christmas holidays, it’s now or never.

To order AirPods 3, it’s here:

See the AliExpress offer

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