Apple sets a new revenue and profit record

Manzana has communicated the results which is he first quarter of your fiscal year 2022, which coincides with the last three months of 2021: October, November and December. A quarter in which the company has exceeded all expectations and has recorded record revenues and profits. So, ha joined nothing less than 123.95 billion dollars, 11% more than in the same period of the previous year. In addition, it has achieved a profit of 34,600 million dollars and earnings of 2.10 dollars per share.

Apple, which has achieved these figures despite the difficulties posed by chip shortages and supply chain difficulties, no longer reports its sales by unit of product, but instead reports the revenue it has achieved in each product category. In these three months the company has entered 71,630 million dollars from the sale of iPhones, a figure 9% to the income obtained a year ago.

The sale of Mac computers reported revenues of 10,850 million dollars to those from Cupertino, 25% more. iPad sales had 14% lower revenues at $7.25 billion, while Wearables, Home Devices and Accessories had revenues of $14.7 billion, up 13%. As for the Apple Services area, its sales entered an interannual 24% more: 19,500 million dollars.

Tim Cook, CEO of Applehas pointed out that «this quarter’s record results have been possible thanks to our more innovative than ever line of products and services. We are gratified to see the response from customers around the world at a time when staying connected has never been more important. We are doing all we can to help build a better world, making progress toward our goal of becoming carbon neutral in our supply chain and products by 2030, and advancing our work on education and racial equity and justice.«.

Luca Maestri, CFO of Applehighlighted for his part «the very strong customer response to our recent launch of new products and services has led to double-digit growth in revenue and earnings, and has helped set a new record for our active device base. These record operating results enabled us to return nearly $27 billion to our shareholders during the quarter, while maintaining our goal of becoming carbon neutral over time.«.

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