Apple SoCs already work with Dropbox natively

The arrival of the Apple M1 series SoCs marked the beginning of a new era for the apple company. Thanks to the Rosetta 2 emulation layer, which allows x86 applications to run smoothly on these SoCs although they have not been rewritten or adapted to the ARM architecture, it has been possible to make a fairly smooth transition without excessive complications for the user.

However, this does not mean that everything is already done, nothing is further from the truth. Many big names in the technology sector are still working to adapt their applications and services to these new Apple SoCs, and one of the last to do so has been Dropbox, the well-known cloud storage service.

Its dedicated application is already compatible with Apple Silicon, although it is currently in ‘limited’ beta phase. However, it is expected that, by the end of this month, this beta will be expanded and that it will be accessible to anyone who wants to try it. It’s a wise move, as expanding the scope of the beta will help Dropbox identify potential issues.

In order to access that beta, you have to enter the official Dropbox website, log in with your user account and, in the upper right corner of the screen, click on your profile image and enter settings. Once there, go into preferences and choose the early access option. That’s it, once you’re done, you just have to wait for the beta to be released in general.

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By releasing a native application for Apple SoCs, Dropbox demonstrates that has been able to assimilate, in a positive way, all the criticism he had received so far, and that they were more than deserved, since their application was still limited to computers based on Intel CPUs, and its optimization was very poor, so much that it generated excessive memory use and high battery consumption.

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