Apple ‘steals’ Tesla a key part for its future cars

Far from what one might believe at first, movements between companies in the technology sector are usually common. Movements in relation to their human architects, since the procedures at the development level are always secret that they must watch over. That is why the signing of a Tesla “ex” by Apple is surprising, although not strange.

Apple completes a roster with a lot of Tesla color

According to some sources, it was on October 22 when Christopher CJ Moore leaving Tesla after 7 1/2 years with the company. This man was one of the most important in the company led by Elon Musk and he was neither more nor less than director of the pilot software area.

As explained from Bloomberg, and despite the fact that his public profile on Linkedin does not appear, Moore is now part of the Apple’s Titan Project. If you are not very familiar with this term, you should know that it is the code name by which the development of its future electric vehicle is known within the company, as well as the software related to it.

Moore thus joins a team in which he has found some familiar faces such as those of Stuart bowers, who was also a Tesla executive in the autopilot area until mid-2019 when he landed at the apple company. Although not only Apple has been nurtured from this company, but it also has other important names such as the Dr. Manfred Harrer, who was vice president of the Porsche product line.

Mercedes has also ‘caught’ the Californian firm according to what was seen with Dr. Anton Uselmann, who came from the German firm after four years in it, having previously worked almost 6 years in the aforementioned Porsche. In both companies he played an important role in developing autopilot functions.

It is not known exactly what role Moore will play now that he has landed at Apple and it will probably not be officially revealed yet because it is a secret project. However, it is more than predictable that he will occupy a similar rank to the one he held at Tesla.

A project that will be revealed… When?

To this day, there is nothing clear regarding Apple’s highly anticipated electric vehicle. It was always speculated that the company would probably introduce autonomous driving software first, which has been in testing for years. However, according to the information that is being received during these months, it is likely that when it is presented it will be already integrated into its own vehicle that would go with the only Apple signature.

Precisely the fact that it is only the company from the block that is behind the project both at the level of development and visible brand is what has generated the occasional headache when choosing a manufacturer. He had practically done everything with Hyundai Motor so that they would give him their factories in the United States, but the fact that the South Korean company was not going to appear anywhere ended up frustrating the agreement between the parties.

Apple could buy Tesla or Netflix

Little has been heard of this manufacturing issue, which is not trivial. Yes, it has been known about possible batteries that would far exceed those of its potential competition, as well as other components, but the rest nothing at all. Therefore, we will have to continue hunting for clues that will let us see the progress of a project from which official news is not expected until around 2030.

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