Apple Store in Charleston, South Carolina, closes due to COVID-19

Apple has announced the closure of the Apple Store in Charleston, South Carolina, a closure caused after detecting that more than 20 employees have been exposed to COVID-19 and some have tested positive, as stated by Bloomberg. The Apple website of this store shows how it will remain closed until next Monday, August 23.

Stores the size of Charleston usually have between 70 and 80 employees, so if we take into account that a quarter of the workforce is currently not operational due to exposure and infections to COVID, it is understood that Apple has proceeded to close the store.

Hire additional staff to fill staff shortages, It does not seem to be an option since due to the coronavirus, it is difficult to find personnel who want to work for the public, not only in Charleston, but in other cities in the United States. The rapidly spreading new Delta variant of the coronavirus is no help.

In fact, due to this variant, Apple has decided cancel your plans to re-offer Today at Apple sessions in person on August 30. Last June, Apple decided to stop requiring employees and customers to wear masks in stores. At the end of July, when the Delta variant began to expand, Apple decided to reinstate the mandatory use of masks.

If the Delta variant continues to expand, Apple will likely install more restrictive measures in the Apple Store, in order to limit the capacity and prevent the stores from becoming sources of spread of the coronavirus.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple’s US retail stores. they have reduced their hours of operation, partly due to COVID but also due to the narrowness of the labor market, although for now, almost all the Apple that Apple has distributed in the United States remain open.

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