Apple Store Releases Linksys Mesh Routers Compatible with HomeKit

With the demise of the AirPorts, Apple abandoned a niche market that was probably not profitable. To meet user needs, in announcing the AirPort recall, Apple recommended mesh routers as the ideal solution.

For some time now, in the online Apple Store we can find eero signature mesh routers. Linksys has just joined this manufacturer, a manufacturer that has just expanded the router catalog of this type available in the Apple online store, specifically I am talking about the Velop AX4200 range.

Velop AX4200 mesh routers They are available in a pack of 1, 2 or 3 units and the first shipments will be made on July 27. The Velop AX4200 range is Wi-Fi 6 compatible And it’s designed to deliver excellent performance across more than 40 devices together, without interruption.

Allows us expand coverage by adding new nodes In addition to being compatible with HomeKit, which allows us to configure the security of the smart devices connected to it, as well as the routers of the manufacturer eero.

The Velop AX4200 router is priced at € 249.95 per unit, € 399.95 for two units (nodes) and € 499.95 for 3 units (nodes). If we have a home with several floors and many square meters, with only place a node on each floor, we will be able to enjoy the same speed in every room of the home.

If it is not enough, we can opt for the mesh Wi-Fi repeaters from the same manufacturer that has a price of 89.95 euros. A cheaper option is to use the Velop mesh router, whose price for a unit is 159.95 euros and the pack of 3 goes up to 389.95 euros, although these models They are not compatible with Wi-Fi 6 but compatible with HomeKit.

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