Apple Store workers will receive an extra bonus of $ 1,000

Extra pay

My grandmother always said that “being grateful is well born”, and in the dome of the Apple Park offices, some “well born” has had a great idea: reward workers that have been at the bottom of the canyon in Apple stores throughout this pandemic era.

And the prize is the best they can give to a worker: an extra pay. A pay of $ 1,000 for older workers, or $ 500 if they were hired by the company after March 31 of this year. Bravo for Apple.

Bloomberg has just published a report where it explains that Apple plans to reward employees of the companies with an extraordinary pay of $ 1,000. Apple Store of all the world. This bonus will go to all retail employees who have been working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Said pay of $ 1,000 will be for all those employees hired before the March 31st this year, while those who have joined the company after that date the bonus will be $ 500. New workers hired for the holiday shopping season will receive $ 200. The bonuses will also go to AppleCare employees and online sales workers.

This is an unusual measure for Apple, as it never usually gives special rewards to Apple Store employees. The last bond payment the company made was in 2018, when Apple granted $ 2,500 in Apple shares restricted to the majority of its employees, including those who work in Apple Store stores.

This time, the company will pay this extra bonus with a Bank check rather than actions, and he intends to thank all employees for their efforts during the time of the happy pandemic.

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