Apple Studio Display uses iOS 15 and is 64 GB

The Apple Studio Display is much more than just a high-resolution screen. When its presentation took place, we learned that this monitor uses an Apple A13 SoC, a very powerful chip that was used in the iPhone 11 series of smartphones, and that it has a high-performance neural processing unit, which means that the Apple Studio Display is “smart.”

Shortly after, we were also able to discover that the Apple Studio Display comes with the full version of iOS 15.4, the well-known Apple operating system that is present in its range of mobile devices. This means that this screen will receive updates to keep up, but what else does it hide at the hardware level?

Several days have passed since its launch, and thanks to the appearance of the first analyzes, and new information, we have also been able to discover that the A13 Bionic SoC that mounts the Apple Studio Display maintains the frequencies of the model that mounts the iPhone 11, which means its high-performance cores they run at 2.65 GHz.

We knew that the camera built into the Apple Studio Display is 12 MP, but what we didn’t know was the amount of storage it integrates to house its own operating system, and other elements. Now, thanks to new information, we know that this screen comes with 64 GB of storage capacity. We do not know if Apple has not used a lower amount due to compatibility with the memory controller, or simply for reasons of economy, but in any case, the important thing is that this amount is quite generous for a screen.

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Other important specifications have not been disclosed, such as the amount of RAM memory that the Apple Studio Display has, but I imagine that should be around 3 GB, at least in theory. The first analyzes of this screen present conflicting opinions, that is, They are not entirely positive.

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