Apple takes back the AirPower, a long-range wireless charger

Years after it was initially announced, and despite its cancellation near its launch, it seems that the Apple AirPower not finished leaving the roadmap from the Cupertino company. And it is that several reports now point to the fact that this wireless charger project is being resumed, and even looking for some possible improvements for it.

Initially, Apple’s proposal was in itself quite ambitious, since sought to offer a unified platform in which any user of Apple products could charge their devices at the same time without the need for any type of wiring, while the independent charge level of each of them could be observed at all times.

However, Apple’s plans are even more ambitious, as the company is investigating “Devices short and long distance wireless charging“Including a future where all your major devices can charge with each other. “Imagine an iPad charging an iPhone, and then an iPhone charging AirPods or an Apple Watch”Added Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who also confirmed that the project has been reactivated.

Although that Apple’s ambition seems to extend beyond the already standardized reverse wireless charging in some Android devices, and that exists in embryonic form in the iPhone, which can change a MagSafe battery wirelessly.

And it is without a doubt that it is much more promising the mention of this long distance wireless charging, a system that, as presented by Xiaomi a few months ago, could offer an “over the air” charging method (much more in keeping with the name of Apple AirPower) through which any compatible device could be charged by simply staying in the same room as the main system.

What is not clear is the power that this technology could reach, since currently the system of the Chinese company, known for offering some of the most powerful fast charging systems on the current market, would barely be able to offer a remote charge up to 5W for a single device within its range.

That being said, without a doubt batteries seem to be the new focus of improvement for future smartphonesAs the Apple AirPower arrives, without a doubt its return to the table promises us a very promising future in the mobile scene.

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