Apple takes longer to deliver the MacBook Air M2 than Amazon

Whenever any user spends their money on an Apple product, they want to be able to enjoy it as soon as possible, well, all those who want to buy the new MacBook Air with M2 chip have to take into account that Amazon will deliver it long before Apple. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

The delivery times of the products is something that all users look before making a purchasesince as we have mentioned, when purchasing a product through the internet, the usual thing is want to have it as soon as possible in your hands. In this aspect, Apple has never been a company that takes too long the delivery of all purchases made through its website, however, in recent times this has been changing due to situations that are totally unrelated to the Cupertino company. In fact, this problem is common in the vast majority of companies in the sector.

However, with the new MacBook Air M2 Something quite curious happens, and that is that despite being a product that has just been released on the market, the delivery dates that Apple is providing through its online apple storethey are going to 2 or 3 weeks, especially with the most basic and economical model, which has 8 GB of unified memory, which is also known as RAM, and 256 GB of SSD storage. This would not be news if the rest of the suppliers also had the same delivery times, something that does not happen like that, at least with Amazon where the difference is quite evident, since all those users who want to buy this same computer, that is, the MacBook Air M2 most basic, you can enjoy it practically the next dayvarying depending on the time of day in which the order is made.

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Where is it better to buy it?

Surely, after hearing this news, all those users who were thinking of buying this Apple device may wonder where it is better to buy it, whether at Amazon, which will deliver it to you practically the next day, or at Apple, where they will have to wait until 2 or 3 more weeks to start using it on a daily basis.

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The truth is that both stores or services have all the sufficient guarantees enough to be able to acquire it without any type of problem or concern, since after all the experience after the purchase will be really similar in one case and another, given the guarantees and the good customer service that you will have in both cases. You also have to keep in mind that, even if you make the purchase through Amazon, it is Apple itself that provides that device, with the same guarantee. The only thing that changes is the trial period that you have with the equipment, since with Apple you can return it without problems within 14 days after purchasing it, while with Amazon, it increases to 30 days.

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