Apple tests lyrics in the Apple Music web interface

There was a time when the epicenter of Apple’s music offering was iTunes, but since Apple Music arrived, everything has swung in that direction. And yes, it is true that one of the ways to access the Cupertino music subscription service from the Windows desktop (and only for now) is iTunes, but on macOS the app disappeared some time ago, and on iOS It is maintained, but only as a store. With this alone, we can already get an idea of ​​the strategic importance of the subscription service within all the company’s proposals related to music.

As a result of this, we recently saw how the Apple Music catalog had already reached 100 million songs, a more than remarkable milestone, achieved both through negotiations with record companies and artists, as well as in movements such as the acquisition of Primephonic, in a sign that the company not only intends to make its catalog, but also substantially enrich it in terms of variety. And I repeat, 100 million songs, it is said soon, but it is outrageous.

We have also seen other very interesting actions, like the launch of Apple Music Voice, the cheapest subscription modality and that offers access to the complete catalog, although exclusively through Siri, or direct broadcasting and, of course, the frontal blow to Spotify with the arrival of Apple Music HiFi without creating a specific plan, and more expensive, for that purpose. Amazon responded within minutes, but Spotify still appears to be feeling the pinch.

And why did he mention iTunes at the beginning? Well, to put the focus not only on Apple Music as a streaming music service, but in an ecosystem of services around music. Some related to content, such as the direct ones I mentioned earlier, and others directly to features during music playback. A field in which one of the most common demands of users is, of course, that of the lyrics, that is, being able to view the lyrics of a song when we are listening to it and, if possible, that it is also synchronized with the reproduction of it.

This is a function that has been present in Apple Music for a few years but, until now, it was not accessible from the web interface which, for many users (especially Windows users), is one of the main access routes to the service. However, as we can read in MacRumors, this is about to change, and that is Apple is already testing to show the lyrics in the web version of Apple Music.

Best of all, this feature is now in public beta, meaning can be tested by all users who want. To do this, they just have to go to the trial version of the web, and, when you start playing a song, and if Apple Music has its lyrics, you just have to click on « speech bubble” that is displayed in the upper right corner and, automatically, a panel will open to the right, in which you will be able to see the lyrics, in which the part of it that is being played at that moment will be highlighted.

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