Apple to conduct regular return-to-work COVID tests in October

Apple wants to get back to normal as soon as possible. He is trying to get most of the workers back in person to the Apple Park offices. However, it is not easy because, unlike other similar companies, vaccination is not required of its employees. However yes perform regular tests to avoid possible infections of coronavirus in a return to face-to-face work that is expected to start in October.

There has been much talk about the possibility of going back to work in person at Apple Park. It seems that the company wants. However, some employees still do not see that possibility clear. We have been working from home for a year and a half (those whose work allows it) and la face-to-face return becomes difficult Or at least it won’t be done in a short period of time. However, we are almost in October and not only the American apple company wants to regain some normality. Large companies want that contact between employees again.

Some companies will require vaccination of their employees. We know that the vaccine helps a lot, but it does not prevent infections, so it is necessary to continue taking measures. In this way Apple on the return to work in person It will not enforce the vaccination requirement but it will do regular checks on employees with the COVID-19 Test. They will be more common for unvaccinated employees than for those who have received both doses.

So at least it is collected in the specialized magazine, The Verge. They claimed through a tweet, now deleted, these circumstances for the return to “school” at Apple. We do not know if these requirements to return to work will finally be effective or if it was just a presumption. We will see it shortly.

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