Apple: to keep their union project secret, employees use Android smartphones

Apple is currently facing a wave of anger from its employees, who blame it in particular for not paying them enough. Many of them want to form a union. To communicate with each other, they have no choice but to go through encrypted messaging and Android smartphones.

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Apple may be the first company in the world to exceed 3000 billion in capitalization, but it does not take advantage of it toincrease the wages of its employees. In several American Apple Stores, anger is brewing. It must be said that this is not the first time that the Cupertino company has been singled out for the working conditions of its employees. Last December, an Indian factory had to close after many female workers suffered poisoning from the food they were served.

Therefore, the word union spread among employees. Only here, the latter is not particularly appreciated by companies in Silicon Valley. Although employees finally succeeded in creating the first union in Google’s history in early 2021, they had to face a real policy of terror based on espionage and unfair dismissals. Apple is no exception. To the Washington Post, employees admit to being forced to use encrypted messaging apps so as not to be detected.

Employees use Android smartphones for fear of being spied on

Some also report opting for Android smartphones to escape the vigilance of their superiors. They explain that this is the only truly effective way to prevent Apple from peeking into their conversations. If the company is now aware of their intentions, their names can thus remain anonymousprotecting their project at the same time.

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In its defense, the Cupertino company explains that the hourly rate paid to its employees is in line with the market trend. Still, the company doesn’t generate exactly the same revenue as most other names in the industry. As the United States faces high inflationemployees claim to receive a fair share of their employer’s profits.

Source: washington post

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