Apple to launch special edition AirTag in Japan in January 2022

AirTag special edition

Apple occasionally releases special editions of some of its devices because of special events. The case at hand is one of those events. Next month in Japan they will celebrate the new year and for the occasion they will launch a series of special edition AirTags. Of course, this special edition will be received those who buy an iPhone. And there will not be for all buyers, so you also have to be quick for the occasion.

Apple has announced a new promotion to celebrate the Japanese New Year. The company will offer special offers to customers in Japan on January 2-3. Apple will give customers a gift card with the purchase of select products, but the first 20,000 customers who buy an iPhone that is eligible for the promotion, will receive a limited edition AirTag. As there are 20,000 units of this type of special device, we can assume that they will easily become collectibles.

The new limited edition AirTag celebrates with a special tiger emoji character printed on it. It is not for less, because the year 2022 is the year of the tiger. To receive one of these AirTags, customers must purchase an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, or iPhone SE on January 2 or 3 in Japan.

As for the gift card that we have talked about, will have different amounts depending on what has been purchased. That way if you buy an iPhone 12, 12 mini or SE, you get a card worth 6,000 yen. For some AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, you can get a card worth up to 9,000 yen. Apple Watch Series 3 or SE, you can get a card worth 6,000 yen. The latest Apple iPad Pros can get you a gift card worth 12,000 yen. Apple also offers a gift card of up to 24,000 yen with the purchase of some Macs.

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