Apple to open a new Apple Store in Los Angeles

In recent years, Apple the pace of new store openings has not slowedWith the exception of the pandemic period for almost everyone paralyzed, and the Cupertino-based company continues to open new stores in places where it did not have and renovating some of the oldest stores that do not comply with Apple’s new design and are also of reduced dimensions.

The next store that will open its doors will be in the United States, specifically in Los Angeles at the Grove MallAccording to Mark Gurman who has literally bumped into her while taking a walk. This new Apple Store is located directly opposite an older one, which gives more credibility to this news, since Apple is opening new stores close to the old ones.

According to Gurman:

A gigantic new Apple Store is coming to Los Angeles. I went to the Grove Mall in Los Angeles this past week and noticed a giant new space under construction to the right of Nordstrom. The next store is remarkably tall, wide, and surrounded by materials that Apple has used in its recent store reviews.

There is no signage in the construction project that indicates the builder or the store that is going to arrive at that space, but it turns out that it is in front of an existing Apple store, which has been in that place for almost two decades and that, frankly, is getting old. My friend Joseph was quick to joke that it must be a new Apple store.

Although he has not had the opportunity to take a look inside the store to see what the construction status is, he claims that he has asked at the construction site and They have confirmed that it is a new Apple Store.

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