Apple to release a new documentary about Carlos Ghosn, president of Nissan and Renault

The Cupertino-based company continues to reach agreements to expand the catalog available on its streaming video platform, a platform that in the remaining three months of 2021, you will receive a large number of titles both in series, movies and documentaries.

If we talk about documentaries, we have to talk about the latest agreement reached by Apple TV + to produce a four-part documentary on the rise and fall of Nissan and Renault chairman Carlos Ghosn. Carlos Ghosn, born in Brazil, managed to save Nissan from bankruptcy and returned profits to the Renault firm.

In 2002, Fortune magazine rated Carlos Ghosn as one of the 10 most powerful businessmen from outside the United States. Financial Times and Pricewhaterhouse Coopers named him the fourth business leader in 2003 and the third in 2004 and 2005.

He was one of the most responsible for the agreement between Nissan and Renault to develop a line of electric cars, among which is the Nissan Leaf. However, it all ended in 2018 when he was arrested in Tokyo on charges of tax fraud.

In 2019 fled Japan hiding in a box carrying a private plane He was destined for Lebanon, where he was able to enter without problems since he has a national passport.

James Jones, Emmy winner after On The President’s Orders and Mosul, directs the project, produced by London-based Box To Box Films. BAFTA winner James Gay-Rees (Senna), BAFTA nominee Paul Martin (Diego Maradona) and BAFTA winner Martin Conway (Becoming You) serve as executive producers.

The latest unofficial Apple TV + subscriber figures suggest that the platform has 20 million users who pay religiously every month, although initially it had been claimed that this figure was double.

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