Apple to restart ‘Today at Apple’ in-person sessions in the US and Europe on August 30

One of the good habits that Apple had was to teach us to use the different existing devices and resources through the talks and courses carried out under the Today At Apple format. With the pandemic, these classes continue but in online format and a lot of interactivity was lost. The good news is that they come back from in person from the end of the month.

As of August 30 This year, the face-to-face tutoring sessions and classes conducted by Apple under the Today At Apple format will hit the Apple Store as of August 30. It will do so not only in the US but also in Europe. As a result of COVID-19 we have to take into account that there will be security measures but an attempt is being made to return to normality in all company events, although some cost more than others. In fact, the company has announced the return that August 30, but it is not ruled out that it may be delayed due to the sanitary circumstances that prevail at that time.

Circumstances have improved so that after a year and a half, we can start doing things like we did before this happy pandemic. The internal announcement was accompanied by the opening reservations for Today at Apple sessions through the company’s website. Customers can now sign up for classes that are held in their area.

Right now all the Apple Stores are open and at one point even a mandatory mask was no longer required due to the good numbers and vaccines. However, everything changed and again the measures were sharpened. Hence we can’t sing victory yet. On August 30 we will see if these face-to-face sessions have been carried out.

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