Apple TV + arrives this week with 3 new series and 5 premieres

This week’s releases

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, this is one of the most loaded weeks of new content on Apple TV +, since a large number of premieres have been accumulated, which is very good news for all users who month after month month they pay the subscription of this service. Do not get distracted otherwise, surely you will miss one.

After much talk about it, it is finally available I take care of the beer, the new film by Peter Farrely. It stars the popular Zac Efron, accompanied by Russell Crowe. The film is based on the true story of John “Chickie” Donohue, who in 1968 left the place where he was, New York, and went to find his childhood friends to have a few beers with them, with the little curiosity that these were military and were stationed in Vietnam.

I take care of the beer

Apple TV + has been proposed that this week everyone is happy, from the oldest to the youngest, since the latter has a double portion of the premiere. On the one hand, it is already available on Apple TV + the second season of wolfboy and the whole factory, a series inspired by the work of visual artist Toff Mazery and produced by Emmy winner Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But also, accompanying this series, also premieres its second season, the series “Road with Otis”. In this case, the series is based on the books by Loren Long. It welcomes the Long Hill farm, which is the home of the protagonist, little Otis, in addition to also living with all his friends who accompany him.

Important Apple TV+ announcements

As we told you, it is a week that has arrived loaded with content for lovers of Apple TV+ series, movies and documentaries, since in addition to all the premieres that we have mentioned and that are already available, those of Cupertino have also announced new content for the coming weeks. They are the following.

  • the mosquito coastpremiere of its second season on Friday, November 4.
  • Mythic Questpremiere of its third season on Friday, November 11.
  • Slow Horsespremiere of its second season on Friday, December 2.
  • Little Americapremiere of its second season on Friday, December 9.

We now turn to talk about trailerssince Apple has published the corresponding to the series “Hi Jack! A better world”a children’s series starring Jack McBrayer and which also has its release date very soon, on October 7that is, on Friday of next week.

the spirit of christmas

Finally, and before going on to tell you what new chapters there are of the series that are currently broadcast, we must also announce that the premiere of «Spirited: The Spirit of Christmas It will take place on November 18. It is a Christmas musical comedy that will be great to adapt the atmosphere to Christmas.

More news

We have already told you about everything new that has arrived this week on Apple’s platform of series, movies and documentaries, which of course has not been little, but that does not mean that there are not also new chapters of all the series on air from Apple TV+. For this reason, below we leave you the different chapters that you have available from now on so that you can catch up on your favorite series.

  • Premiere of the eighth episode of the first season of sisters to death.
  • Premiere of the sixth episode of the third season of see.
  • Premiere of the sixth episode of the third season of Central Park

These are the releases for the coming months

And to finish, as always we have to review everything that is about to come to Apple TV +, so that in this way, the hype increases in each of the followers of all the content that the Cupertino company is preparing for all of us. Then we leave you everything you can enjoy in a short time.

  • October 7
    • Hi Jack! A better world! (2nd season)
  • October 14th
  • October 21
    • Raymond & Ray
    • Acapulco (2nd season)
    • The Ghost Writer (3rd Season)
  • November 4th
    • slumberkins
    • Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me
    • The Mosquito Coast (2nd season)
  • November 11th
    • switches
    • Mythic Quest (3rd season)
  • November 18th
    • Don’t interrupt, little hen!
    • Spirited: The Spirit of Christmas
  • December 2
    • Slow Horses (2nd season)
  • December 9
    • Little America (2nd season)
  • no confirmed date
    • Foundation (2nd season of the series)
    • Killers of the Flower Moon (new movie)
    • The Mosquito Coast (2nd season of the series)
    • Laison (new series)
    • Ted Lasso (3rd season of the series)
    • The Reluctant Traveler (new show)
    • Black & Blues: The Colorful Ballad of Louis Armstrong (documentary).
    • The Sound of 007 (documentary).
    • Towards Freedom (film)
    • Killers of the Flower Moon (film)
    • Argylle (film)
    • Sharper (movie)
    • Tetris (movie)
    • Napoleon
    • Number One on the Call Sheet
    • ghosted
    • spellbound
    • The Beanie Bubble
    • girlfriend
    • snowblind
    • Dolly
    • Bad Sisters
    • hijack
    • Criminal Record

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