Apple TV + is premiere: new series and other outstanding news

Fridays are again the day of Apple TV +, at least the one they choose to release new content. This week we have the arrival of a New serie to the platform, as well as a new chapter of servant. All this accompanied by previews of upcoming releases that are added to those that we already had confirmed. Don’t miss a thing!

The Afterparty: Laughs and Kills

are already available first three chapters of this new Apple TV+ miniseries starring a cast of comedians where Tiffany Haddish, Ben Schartz and Dave Franco stand out. Leading the project are Oscar winners Chris Miller and Phil Lord (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse).

It is a series that mixes genres that a priori seem opposite, such as mystery thriller and comedy. Everything revolves around a party for high school seniors and in which, “coincidentally”, the most popular and now hated boy ends up dead. A mysterious murder that will be narrated from the perspective of its eight protagonists, who will change our vision of the events. All this over 8 episodes in total, which will be released individually every Friday after the arrival of these first three.

Servant and other news of the week

The series created by M.Night Shyamalan, Servant, is also premiering today with its chapter 22, which is the second of its third season. After the return of the series last week, we continue to see new episodes in which the Turner family and Leanne continue to be duped by the mystery of events that remain unexplained.

Apart from this, this week we have had several news regarding upcoming releases. It is the case of Central Park, the animated musical series created by the same Bob’s Burger team and that will return for its third season on March 4. Later, on the 25th, will arrive panchiko, a new drama series in three languages ​​that tells a story of war and peace, love and loss, triumph and reckoning.

Also confirmed this week is the premiere of lucky, although not immediately, since we will have to wait until August 5. In fact, not much is known about it because only its logo and a small synopsis have been revealed in which we can see that it is produced by Skydance Animation and is an animation based on an unfortunate young man who begins to see his luck change when he discovers a land inhabited by magical beings.

Calendar of upcoming releases

Based on the above and adding to what had already been announced, there is officially a date for the following premieres:

  • suspects: new series next week (February 4)
  • The sky is anywhere: new movie on february 11
  • Separation: new series on february 18
  • Center Park: 3rd season on March 4
  • The last days of Ptolemy Grey: new series on March 11
  • We Crashed: new series on March 18
  • panchiko: new series on March 25
  • Luck: new movie on august 5

On the other hand, there is some content that still has no official date, but it is known that it will arrive this year. They are these and it does not mean that other new content that has not even been announced cannot be added:

  • cycles: third season of the series
  • Killers of the Flower Moon: new movie
  • The Mosquito Coast: second season of the series
  • Laison: New serie
  • Magic Johnson: new docuseries
  • Mythic Quest: third season of the series
  • Now and Then: New serie
  • Tehran: second season of the series
  • Ted Lasso: third season of the series
  • The Reluctant Traveller: new travel program

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