Apple TV is still the least demanded media player

Apple tv 4k

Even though most smart TVs offer access to the main streaming video platformsNot everyone uses them, entrusting this task to intelligent multimedia devices such as Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast … According to the figures published by Above Avalon, the Apple TV share is only 12.5 %.

Despite having such a low quota, it has achieved outperform Google’s Chromecast, whose device surpassed Apple years ago. As has been the case for several years, the devices that top this classification are the Amazon and Roku models.

The Roku and Amazon models compete as if the wild West It will be discussed, according to Neil Cybart of Above Avalon in the tweet where he has published a graph with the market shares of this type of device.

There is no clear winner in this market, as in other types of devices such as the Apple Watch, device that widely dominates the smartwatch market with a 20% advantage over the second rival.

Apple released the first Apple TV in January 2007 and until very recently, Tim Cook claimed that it was a hobby. Roku entered the media player market a year later, in 2008, while Amazon’s arrival did not occur until 2014. Google did so a year earlier, in 2013.

Despite being the oldest in the market, seniority has not translated into a dominant position as usual. With the launch of the second generation Apple TV 4K, Apple has taken advantage, not only to improve the processor, using the A12 Bionic, but also has redesigned the Siri remote, eliminating the trackpad that came from the hand of the fourth Apple TV generation.

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