Apple TV now recognizes more voices and adds Apple Music Sing

The Apple TV is a device with lights and shadows. I have already told on more than one occasion that I have been a user of it for some years and that, when it comes to facing each other, in my personal opinion the positive part wins. And yes, it is true that the absence of a web browser and a little varied offer in terms of apps cast a shadow over this device, but its ease of use, its reliability (in years I do not remember having had a single problem stability, connection, crashes, etc.) and its integration into the ecosystem of Apple services make it an excellent option.

In addition, as we already told you about the presentation of the third generation of the Apple TV 4K, last October, this has turned out to be the Apple device that swims against the current. And it is that if in recent times we have seen widespread increases in Apple products and services, even more bleeding in Europe due to the differential applied between the dollar and the euro, the latest version of Apple’s multimedia player has not only not risen price, is that it has actually gone down. Thirty euros, specifically, and that both models have doubled their storage capacity.

Apple has started to release tvOS 16.2, the most recent version of the Apple TV operating system and, in it, we can find two quite interesting functions, although one of them is unfortunately only available for the latest generation of the device, that is that is, the one announced in October and which began to be marketed at the beginning of last November.

The first has to do with Siri, the voice assistant of Apple devices, and that with the arrival of this update of the Apple TV operating will be able to distinguish between six different voices. And what sense does this have? Well, a lot, actually, let’s remember that we are talking about a device designed to be used as a family, not individually, as is the case with smartphones, tablets, etc. Thus, the fact that Siri is able to distinguish which user makes certain requests allows the responses to them to be personalized. For example, now the assistant will be able to respond appropriately when the user, whoever he is, says that he wants to listen to a selection of her favorite songs, for example.

The second novelty is the arrival of Apple Music Sing to the third generation Apple TV 4K. If you don’t know this new function, I can summarize it with one word: karaoke. Announced a little over a week ago, and based on the Apple Music catalog and its already huge catalog of lyrics (which you can already see in the device apps and in the beta version of Apple Music Web), those from Cupertino summarize this new proposal with these four points:

  • Configuring voice settings: Users can control the volume of vocals on millions of Apple Music tracks. Users can sing along with the artist’s original voices, go solo, or mix them into millions of songs from the Apple Music catalog.
  • Lyrics in real time:Users can sing along to their favorite songs with animated lyrics that dance to the beat of the music.
  • Secondary voices: Chorus lyrics animate independently of lead vocal lyrics for easy follow-through.
  • duet view: When there are multiple singers, their lyrics appear on opposite sides of the screen for the easiest duet or multi-voice singing.

The pity is, as I said, that this karaoke mode will only reach third-generation Apple TV 4K, although given the dates we are approaching, something inside me tells me that more than one will appreciate that they cannot say “¡¡ Hey, put karaoke on Apple TV, we’re going to sing Christmas carols!» A matter of taste, like almost everything.

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