Apple TV + presents the first trailer for the second season of Snoopy in Space

Apple has published in its publication on its YouTube channel the first trailer of the second season of the animated series Snoopy in space, a series that explore humanity’s biggest questions: the existence of life outside planet earth and which will premiere on Apple TV + on November 12.

In the description of this video, we can read:

Join Snoopy on an epic interstellar journey as our intrepid beagle tackles one of humanity’s most compelling mysteries: is there life in the universe? Snoopy and his friends bring NASA’s most exciting current research to life, from searching for traces of ice and ancient fossils on Mars, to drilling into hidden oceans within distant moons, and even searching for exoplanets far beyond. our own solar system. Of course, like any bon voyage the protagonist includes additional adventures along the way, plus plenty of support from Charlie Brown, Franklin, Marcie, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts gang at the Johnson Space Center. Let the adventure begin!

Snoopy in Space received multiple Daytime Emmy nominations. In association with WildBrain, along with Peanuts Worldwide, the series is designed to inspire a passion for space exploration.

This season’s focus in space is through the lens of “The Search for Life”, highlighting the scientific processes and technology behind space exploration, the need to overcome traumatic situations when faced with setbacks, and the importance of imagination when it comes to finding creative solutions.

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