Apple TV publishes a new promotional video of Ted Lasso

One of the most anticipated series on Apple TV, apart from Foundation, is the second season of Ted Lasso, a second season that will premiere on July 23. To liven up the wait, the guys from Apple TV + have posted a new video called The Lasso Way.

The new promotional video, joins the one they recently made announcing the components of the American women’s football team that will be part of the Japan Olympic Games team, combines clips from the new season with cast interviews from season two who claim that the series has positively influenced their lives and that of viewers.

The first season of this series has been a great success both among critics and users, receiving a large number of awards and nominations. Even Tim Cook has promoted on various occasions the launch of this second season that will last 15 days and will consist of 12 episodes.

The series, being the most successful since the launch of Apple TV +, occupies a prominent place on its website and recently launched an official merchandising line with Ted Lasso football team jerseys, hats and mugs.

A few months ago, one of the creators of the series stated that the third season, already signed, will be the last by Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso. Sudeikis claimed a few weeks ago that unless he received a truck from iMoney, He did not plan to continue with the series, because it is shot in England and not in the United States where he lives, which forces him to spend a lot of time away from his young children.

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