Apple TV + releases in July and other important news

The month of July begins and with it one of the most important months of Apple TV +. The platform has made an important announcement this week regarding one of its most anticipated series and has also issued some content. In this article we review the latest from this service, as well as its upcoming releases for this month, so read on if you want to keep up to date with everything new on Apple TV +.

Foundation will be released on September 24

They have taken more than a year to announce it and the Foundation issued its first trailer on June 22, 2020 on the first day of WWDC last year. However, it was not until this week that he confirmed that will air its first three episodes that September 24 and will continue to broadcast a weekly one until the season closes on November 12. More than two months until that premiere, but surely they will know little after all this waiting.

The series is based on what is considered by many to be the best sci-fi saga ever, written by Isaac Asimov. In this adaptation, novels will be recreated in the most faithful way possible with a production level with which Apple expects great successes worldwide. The second trailer also issued this week gives good examples of it and although it is in English, it must be said that the series will be dubbed into a multitude of languages, including Spanish, as well as subtitles for all of them.

Releases this week on the platform

In addition to this very important announcement, the company also issued chapters of its series on Friday:

  • Cycles: The acclaimed British-born comedy closed its second season with events that will make the lead couple have to make a quick decision that could change their lives forever.

  • Central Park: the musical series developed by the same creators of Bob’s Burger and focused on the mythical New York park issued what is now the fourth chapter of its second season and the fourteenth in total of the series.
  • Physical: This dark comedy continues to advance in its first season and has aired its fifth episode with a tireless protagonist who fights to make her own life at the expense of her husband.
  • Lisey’s Story: the sixth chapter of the Stephen King and JJ Abrams miniseries is already aired and awaiting its outcome with the broadcast of its last two chapters between next week and the next.

Other premieres for this month of July

The platform has, at least for now, three major premieres planned this month apart from the broadcast of episodes of the series mentioned in the previous point.

  • ‌Schmigadoon Premiere !: In the purest style of The Wizard of Oz, this new musical series will arrive in which a couple of backpackers are trapped in a particular magical town from which they will not be able to leave until they find true love. All this will be from July 16.

  • Ted Lasso returns: the second season of the platform’s revelation series will see the light of day on July 23 after a year in which it has not stopped receiving nominations and awards after a premiere in 2020 that seemed to go unnoticed and that nevertheless ended up falling in love with viewers and critics.

  • The Art of Sound with Mark Ronson: On July 30, this new docuseries will be released in which it will try to tell the backroom of musical creation by the hand of Mark Ronson and with testimonies from great professionals in the sector, from producers to artists of the stature of Paul McCartney.

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