Apple TV+ unveils the trailer for its upcoming Korean drama

Apple TV+ will adapt a Korean bestseller. Pachinko will be released next March.

The genre is popular beyond the country’s borders. Korean dramas are invading the shelves of various streaming platforms, and particularly Netflix, which is investing heavily in the sector. This success has not fallen on deaf ears, Apple will also make its first foray into the genre. After exploring the mysteries of memory with Dr Brainthe platform reveals Pachinkoadapted from the novel of the same name.

Sold in several million copies, Min Jin Lee’s book tells the story of a family of Korean origin over four generations. In the early 1930s, young Sunja was seduced by the fine words and tender attentions of a wealthy foreigner. When she becomes pregnant, she discovers that her lover is already married. Two choices are offered to her, to become a second wife or to cover her family with dishonor. She will choose a third way: marry a Christian pastor she barely knows and leave for a new life in Japan.

Presented as an intimate fresco, the story recounts a forbidden love before becoming a journey through Korea, Japan and the United States. A story of war and peace which was adapted by Soo Hugh. The creator and showrunner notably co-produced Under The Dome in 2013. She also worked on another Apple TV+ series, See with Jason Momoa in the lead role. Here, she operates solo. The production of the first episode will be provided by Kogonada. He wrote and directed columbus in 2017, with Jon Cho (cowboy bebop). He will also be producing this new series, alongside Justin Cho (Twilight).

In March on Apple TV+

The appointment is fixed at next march 25. As always, the platform will unveil the first three episodes before adopting the rhythm of a new chapter each week. It remains to be seen whether Apple TV+ subscribers will find their account there. The novel being particularly popular around the world, there is no doubt that the platform will succeed in attracting some curious people into its nets. In March, she should also unveil the second season of her animated series. Central Park.

Apple TV+ is picking up the pace for its third year of existence. Enough to establish itself as a benchmark for SVOD? It is still too early to tell. We can nevertheless say that it has great projects on fire, and that it recruits illustrious creators and directors to do so. The platform will notably produce and broadcast Martin Scorsese’s next two films.

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