Apple TV +: which series and movies are in Spanish and which are not

  • On Apple TV:
    1. Play the content that you are going to see.
    2. On the playbar, select the bullet-shaped icon (the third one counting from the bottom right) and choose the language you want the dubbing to be in.
    3. To choose the dubbing, now click on the second icon starting to count at the bottom right.

Regarding the Smart tv In which the Apple TV application is, it will be a process very similar to the one followed in tvOS. The icons, both in shape and position, are located in the same way. Of course, the way of navigating through the remote changes in these, since in the end each television brand has its own models.

It should be noted that both dubbing as subtitles are in a multitude of languages beyond Castilian, Latin Spanish or English. Although it is true that these, along with Italian, French and German are the most common, it is possible to find some in languages ​​as varied as Russian, Chinese or Korean.

Contents dubbed into Spanish

The apple streaming platform is divided into three basic categories: series, films and documentaries. The latter also includes current affairs programs and docuseries. Although it is true that at a general level the vast majority are available with Castilian dubbing (or Latin Spanish), there are some that are not. In any case and regardless of the dubbing, they all have subtitles in our language, without finding a single case in which not.


It has to be said that all The series on the platform include dubbing into Castilian and Latin Spanish, so there would be no problem to follow them in our language.

Therefore, all these are what have dubbing:

  • Roll with Otis!
  • Acapulco
  • Puppies: Looking for a Home
  • Calls
  • Central park
  • Cycles
  • Amazing Tales
  • Defend Jacob
  • Dickinson
  • Dr. Brain
  • Doug, an extraordinary robot
  • The Snoopy Show
  • The ghostwriter
  • Foundation
  • Harriet the spy
  • Helpsters
  • Hi Jack! A better world
  • Home Before Dark
  • Invasion
  • The Mosquito Coast
  • Lisey’s story
  • Little america
  • Little voice
  • Los Fraguels To the rhythm of rock!
  • Los Fraguels: the fun continues
  • Mr corman
  • Mythic Quest
  • For all mankind
  • Losing Alice
  • Little zen stories
  • Physical
  • Schmigadoon!
  • See
  • Servant
  • Snoopy in space
  • Super deaf
  • Swagger
  • Ted lasso
  • Tehran
  • The Afterparty
  • The Morning Show
  • The Shrink Next Door
  • Truth be Told
  • Wolfboy and the Factory of Everything

apple tv +


We find more differences in the field of films, where there are exceptions. The movies that yes they are bent into Castilian and / or Latin Spanish are these:

  • Cherry
  • The banker
  • The swan song
  • Finch
  • Greyhound
  • Hala
  • Macbeth
  • On the rocks
  • Palmer

On the other hand, we find these two that They are only in original version, without having confirmed the idea that at some point they could be dubbed:

  • Come From Away: Welcome to Gander
  • Fight before christmas

Documentaries and shows

This area is by far the one where the rig is the most slack when it comes to dubbing. To this day, only this content can be enjoyed with dubbing:

  • 1971: The year music changed everything
  • Microworlds
  • Night planet: full color
  • Elephant queen

On the contrary, there are several without bending into Castilian or Latin Spanish, being a clear majority in counterpart to the others:

  • 9/11: this is how the White House lived
  • Becoming You
  • Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry
  • Boy state
  • Brush Sprinsgteen: Letter to You
  • Letter to …
  • Avant-garde houses
  • The year the world changed
  • The Art of Sound with Mark Ronson
  • Oprah’s Book Club
  • The code of excellence
  • The World on a Motorcycle: Heading North
  • The Problem with Jon Stewart
  • Fathom: deciphering the depths
  • Fireball: Visitors from Dark Worlds
  • The history of the Beasty Boys
  • The Magic Continues with Mariah Carey
  • What you don’t see of me
  • Oprah talks about COVID-19
  • Padrazos
  • The Line
  • The Velvet Undergound
  • A magical Christmas with Mariah Carey
  • LGTBI visibility on television
  • Who is Carlitos?

Problems with dubbing in Spanish

We analyze below the most frequent cause when encountering problems to watch some Apple TV + content in Spanish, commenting on how the dubbing process is usually and what common problems usually appear.

Common dubbing process

We do not know the details of Apple’s contracts with voice actor production companies and agencies. However, based on how they work on other platforms, we can more or less intuit a common process that is carried out on all of them.

First, the producers send the original audiovisual material to the Spanish agencies. It is usually given 2 months in advance before the premiere and sometimes it usually comes with translation suggestions and even a script already completely adapted to our language. Otherwise, it is the dubbing company that must be in charge of translating the texts, which further lengthens the process.


Once you have the texts, you work with the actors in the recording booths and go through a post-production process of several weeks in which the recording is adjusted with the voice of each character, suggesting changes and re-recording if required. This is a process that can be done all at once or, failing that, is delivered little by little (this is the case of some series that broadcast weekly episodes).

In 2020, with the start of confinement due to COVID-19, there were some dubbing work delays. It could be seen in a multitude of Netflix or HBO series, but also on Apple TV + with series such as Defender Jacob. However, although weeks after its broadcast, the dubbing ended up arriving.

Can you fold it after a while?

Except for specific delays such as the one discussed above due to the coronavirus, the truth is that production companies and dubbing agencies are usually efficient enough so that the content reaches its premiere date with the dubbing available. While it is true that an introduction of these can not be ruled out later, it is not usual.

In the section on programs and documentaries, which is where there is less content dubbed into Spanish, we can see how there does not even seem to be any intention of introducing dubbing. There are striking cases like Oprah’s Reading Club that premiered at the end of 2019 and is still without dubbing today. Therefore, the chances that they will be completely doubled one day are reduced if they do not bring it with them in the first weeks.

Problems with series like Ted Lasso, Foundation or Invasion

With these two series of the platform some strange events were experienced in relation to dubbing. And, despite being series dubbed entirely in both Castilian and Latin Spanish, these languages ​​may not appear in the following episodes:

  • 2 × 08 by Ted Lasso
  • 1 × 10 Foundation
  • 1 × 02 Invasion
Ted Lasso 2x08

Scene from 2 × 08 from the Ted Lasso series

Strange that dubbing gets cut in the middle of a season, right? Well, the truth is that the three series are dubbed into our language, both that of Spain and that of Latin America, but for some programming failure They may not be available in the iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS apps.

Curiously, macOS is where these problems do not appear and all these episodes offer the possibility of seeing them like this. Unfortunately, this problem has not been solved completely and the only feasible solution is to always check the configuration and try to see it on another device. And if it is not possible, you will have no choice but to see it in its original version with Spanish subtitles.

It should be noted that this problem could be repeated in other series or programs. We do not know the exact origin of the problem, but if you have detected that a series cuts its dubbing in Spanish in the middle of a season, it is more than likely that it is the same as it happens with the three mentioned series.

Geoblocked content

Large streaming platforms tend to have different catalogs depending on the country. There is usually certain exclusive content for some territories. However, Apple TV + is one of the least exclusive platforms in that sense, offering a catalog practically identical in all countries in which it is available.

CODA Apple TV +

Frame from the film CODA

To this day, there is only one exception with the CODA film. This production was acquired by Apple at the Sundance Film Festival for $ 25 million. It was officially released on the platform in August 2021, although it is exclusive to the United States. While it is true that with the use of a VPN and having an Apple ID from the North American country you could see it, this is not something simple. Therefore, it cannot be seen in countries like Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries.

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