Apple TV + will air a documentary about the attack on the twin towers of 9/11

That fateful september eleventh 2001 has been burned into the memory of all of us who watch astonished on television how two planes hit the twin towers, and how moments later they collapsed causing hundreds of deaths.

Next September will be fulfilled 20 years of the fateful terrorist attack, and how could it be otherwise, Apple TV + will broadcast a special documentary about that September 11th. You will have a new perspective on the attack, seen from the people who ruled the country at that time.

Apple TV + just announced a new special documentary that will air later this year. The program is titled “9/11: Inside the President’s War Room” and it will show us the terrorist attack of 2001 from the perspective of the immediate response of the people who held important positions that day.

A co-production of Apple TV + and BBC One

The documentary will be narrated by Jeff Daniels and will include the testimony of the former president George Bush Y Dick cheney among other important positions in the country. The special will premiere simultaneously on Apple TV + and on the British state channel BBC One.

The show will air in September in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of September 11. In the UK, the special will air first on BBC One and it will be available on Apple TV + later. In the rest of the world, it will premiere exclusively on Apple TV +.

The company explains that the documentary will tell the immediate aftermath of the attack, recounting emergency decision-making in the first 12 hours after the planes hit the World trade center. It will feature interviews with senior members of the administration and national security chiefs who were active at the time.

This September 11 special appears to be the first official co-production from Apple. This means that the production has been funded by both Apple and the BBC, and that is why it will be released on both Apple TV + and the BBC One channel.

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