Apple TV + will reach 36 million subscribers in 2026

In the last weeks we have published two articles, articles based on different studies that they point to different numbers in terms of the number of subscribers Apple TV +. While the first one we published claimed that in the United States and Canada alone, Apple had 40 million subscribers, the second cut the number in half.

The latest figure related to the number of subscribers to Apple TV +, points out that 36 million, a figure that will reach by 2026According to the guys from Digital TV Research, who has published a report with the predictions of subscribers of the main streaming video platforms.

According to research, Disney + has the best scenario when looking to the future. The data suggests that the streaming service of Disney to reach 284.2 million subscribers by 2026, thus occupying the first place of Netflix, which is expected to have 270.7 million subscribers by then.

While Netflix still has impressive numbers, expectations for the company’s platform have been reduced compared to last year’s data. Amazon Prime Video is also expected to grow significantly, reaching third place with 243.4 million users.

Behind Amazon, the Chinese platform iQiyi is expected to reach fourth place in the ranking with 76.8 million subscribers by the end of 2026, followed by HBO Max with 76.3 million subscribers. As for the Apple TV +, Apple’s streaming service will reach 35.6 million users.

Today, Apple’s catalog is made up of more than 70 movies and series, a catalog that continues to expand every week. Various rumors suggest that Apple plans to release new content every week starting in 2022. Even so, without a catalog fund, Apple TV + will continue to be the ultimate streaming video platform.

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