Apple unexpectedly raises the price of the iPad Mini

One lime and one sand. If yesterday we were talking about the drop in the price of Apple TV 4K with the arrival of its new generation, today we are surprised to find that it ishe price of the iPad Mini has grown substantially, suddenly and without any warning about it. An upward modification to which we must add the one that already meant the jump from the previous generation to the current one. Two increases in just over a year, which undoubtedly translate into having moved the smallest of the iPads away from the investment range that many users consider for a device of this size.

Let us remember that, when it arrived on the market, its prices started at 549 euros for the WiFi model, which rose to 719 euros for the WiFi + Cellular model, in both cases in its versions with 64 gigabytes of storage capacity. For its part, the iPad Mini 2019 started at 449 euros for the Wi-Fi model and 589 euros for the 4G model. That is to say, that in the jump from the generation of 2019 to that of 2021, the current one, There was already an increase of 22% in both models in Spain.

Well, as we can see in the Apple store itself, now the prices of the iPad Mini start from the 649 euros for the WiFi model Y 849 euros for the WiFi + Cellular model, again in both cases for the 64 gig models. So, this time we talk about an increase, with respect to the launch price, of 18% in both cases. In this way, and in case you are wondering, in just over a year, with the 2021 model review, the entry price of the iPad Mini has climbed 200 euros for the most basic model (WiFi 64GB), which It has gone from 449 to 649 euros, while in the WiFi + Cellular model with 64 gigabytes, the price has increased by 260 euros, jumping from 589 to 849 euros. Percentage-wise, we are talking about an increase of 45% and 44% respectively.

The increase not only affects Spain, actually, and at least in a first review, only the United States and Canada seem to have been spared from the increase and, furthermore, the countries of the euro zone do not seem to be the most affected. For example, without leaving the old continent, in Sweden its price has gone from 6,000 to 7,500 crowns for the most basic model, that is, an increase of 25 percent, to which should be added the increase of a year ago with the version change, and that points to that there its price has increased by at least 50% in just over a year.

Evidently, Apple can appeal to the uncertain and worrying global economic situation and the current weak situation of the euro against the dollar, but as I said, not only Europe has experienced this rise, it has also occurred in other regions, such as India and Thailand, which raises some doubts about the total reasons that they will have pushed Apple to carry out this substantial price increase. An increase that, as an iPad Mini user for many years now, I admit completely distances me from the option of renewing it in the future. And I’m really sorry, because technologically speaking it seems to me a sensational device, but unlike the situation when I last updated, with the 2019 model, on this occasion I think this price is not justified.

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