Apple updates Mac Studio with M2 Ultra and Max SoCs

Apple has presented the renewal of its Mac Studio 2023 desktop computer. With the same design as last year’s model, the big news is the update of its SoC engine to the powerful Apple M2 Ultra and Max.

If the Mac mini is aimed at the consumer market, the Mac Studio wants to convince creative professionals who want to keep the small size of these compacts, but with a jump in the level of performance. And without having to scale to the Mac Pro towers.

The Mac Studio 2023, another of the many teams presented at the WWDC 2023 conference, maintains the base design of the previous model and its aluminum chassis. It supports 8K resolution monitors and can simultaneously output content to up to six Pro Display XDR monitors.

The new version supports the latest connectivity technologies, Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3. In the back it has four Thunderbolt 4 ports, a 10 Gbe Ethernet LAN port, an HDMI output and two USB-A ports. On the front there are two USB-C ports and an SDXC card slot.

Mac Studio 2023: much more performance

As we said, the great novelty of the version lies in the new Apple M2 Ultra SoC. Basically, these are two M2 Max dies connected with Apple’s UltraFusion technology, with a 24-core CPU and up to a 76-core GPU. Apple claims that a single system with this type of GPU can train machine learning workloads that discrete GPUs cannot handle due to their memory limitations. We don’t know what NVIDIA will think…

Apple’s argument is that the M2 Ultra supports up to 192 Gbytes of unified memory, 50 percent more than the M1 Ultra from the previous Studio. In total, it offers 800 GB/s of available memory bandwidth, along with a 32-core, 134 billion-transistor neural engine. Its storage capacity rises to 8 Tbytes.

The second version of the new Studio mounts the most ‘modest’ M2Max. Here, the launch base includes a 12-core CPU, up to a 38-core GPU, and up to 96GB of unified memory with 400GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Both should offer much more performance than the 2022 model. Apple says Octane’s 3D rendering will be up to three times faster with the M2 Ultra compared to the M1 Ultra and in DaVinci Resolve, there should be a 50 percent increase. in video processing speeds. We will see.

Mac Studios will use the macOS Ventura operating system and will be updated with the new version when it is released in September. They will be available from June 15. The base model equipped with the M2 Max will retail for $1,999. And from there up; very high if you select the M2 Ultra SoC and full of memory and storage.

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