Apple vs Meta: the next big tech fight?

The judicial confrontation between Apple and Epic Games has not yet ended, probably one of the most notorious confrontations of recent times in the technology sector, when it seems that those of Cupertino are already preparing for another confrontation, although the latter will not take place in the courts, but in the market. It does not seem like a comfortable situation for Apple, but probably its biggest advantage in this case, is that its rival also has a few open fronts at the moment, and quite a few image problems.

I’m talking, of course, about confrontation between Apple and Facebook, two companies that do not have a exactly friendly relationship, something that we have experienced in the last episode due to the privacy settings of iOS 14.5, but that comes from before, since criticism of the social network by Apple, and precisely in relation to privacy, starred in one of the last public appearances by Steve Jobs, in which he was critical of how the social network managed the privacy of its users.

Since then, and even with the CEO change after Jobs’ death, the relationship has never been goodAs a result of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Tim Cook made some unsuccessful statements in Menlo Park. What’s more, there are those who think that the increase in privacy controls introduced by Apple in iOS 14.5 began to take shape, at least in part, as a response from those in Cupertino to the serious deficiencies of the social network in this regard.

Now, the next confrontation would not have privacy as the protagonist or, to be more exact, as a direct protagonist. In this case, and as predicted by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg, the protagonists will be the devices, as well as the services integrated in them. More concretely wearables, connected home devices and, a key market for Meta’s future plans, virtual reality headsets and augmented reality.

Regarding wearables, We are waiting for the arrival of the first Meta smartwatch next year, a device that will obviously natively integrate all the company’s services, and which is expected to integrate a camera, which would allow it to be used for videoconferencing. A function that can be quite practical, and that perhaps forces Apple to also incorporate a camera in the Apple Watch and, consequently, to also bring FaceTime to its smartwatch. And to allow the use of Meta’s video conferencing functions in it?

Regarding connected home, Gurman points out that Apple will be more involved in that market soon, and specifically mentions devices like the Meta Portal and the Amazon Echo Show. Entering this market would be a very smart move by Apple, since both Amazon and especially Facebook have faced criticism about their privacy management, which discourages many users from using one of these devices. Apple, in its role as a privacy champion, could have a lot of points earned in this regard.

And when it comes to virtual reality, we’ve been talking about Apple’s plans to design its own virtual reality and augmented reality headsets for many years now. There is speculation that Facebook’s augmented reality glasses will hit the market next year, and the same is true for those from Cupertino. A) Yes, it is possible that both options will hit the market almost simultaneously, which can lead to more friction.

And if we talk about virtual reality, either in 2022 or 2023, we expect the Apple device to be a fairly high-end product, with a price that could be close to 2,000 euros. Meta’s offer, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be much cheaper, something that those in the social network can use (and without a doubt they will) in their favor, something in which we cannot rule out humorous and critical campaigns directed at price from the Apple viewer.

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