Apple wants to flee China and MacBooks will be assembled in Thailand

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explained today that Apple plans to start manufacturing its next MacBook models in Thailand. One more step for the diversification of its production.

Currently all MacBook Air Y macbook pro they are being manufactured in China, and Apple wants to stop manufacturing in that country as soon as possible. Although it takes a few years to achieve it, since setting up new production plants in other countries is not an easy task. Not cheap…

Apple has known for years that depending on a single country like China to manufacture most of its devices is very risky. But he balanced production costs against risk, and they continued without moving. Until the pandemic. When the world was still unaware of what was to come, Apple saw how its Chinese suppliers were closing their factories, with the consequent problem of supplying finished products.

And we all know how the movie has been in the last two years. And the problems that not only Apple, but any company that depended on its production directly or indirectly with Chinese factories have had to suffer during this time.

If to all this we add the new tariffs that the US government has imposed on products imported from China, the balance no longer falls in favor of continuing to manufacture in the aforementioned eastern country. It has to be manufactured in other countries. The decision is made.

Currently there are already many Apple devices that are already being assembled outside of China, in countries like India Y Vietnam. But the truth is that currently almost all the production of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is still done in the country of the Great Wall.

So Kuo’s words about it make a lot of sense. Quanta Computer, a Chinese assembler of MacBooks, has been building new production plants in Thailand for some time. So it is very likely that some MacBook models will soon start production in that country.

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