Apple wants to join the trend of flexible teams

The Cupertino giant is working on a team with a flexible screen that, according to the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, would have a 9-inch OLED-panel, and it would be aimed at being in the space between the iPhone and the iPad, which makes it, without a doubt, a very interesting device, although we still do not have much information about it.

According to Kuo, this flexible flexible device that Apple is preparing will be the first of its kind in the catalog of the apple company, but not the last. This means that Apple will focus its strategy on the sector of devices with a flexible screen. starting with those of medium size, and that later it will expand its catalog with larger teams, and maybe also with smaller ones.

This analyst also believes that Apple could launch the first flexible iPhone in 2024, although seeing how recent events have been developing, it is likely that this will not really happen. until 2025, and provided that there is no significant delay. Apple usually waits to see how the market reacts to the latest technological advances, and does not commit to implementing the most advanced formats and designs until they have been “democratized” and widely adopted in the general consumer market.

In this sense, flexible smartphones have been available for some time, but it is clear that they have not yet become a product that we can consider as general consumption, with all that this implies. Apple wants to sell smartphonesand so it is clear that it is not going to use a design or a technology that is not yet widely accepted in the general consumer market.

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Going back to that flexible 9-inch device, Apple could integrate the best of an iPhone and an iPad in a single devicewhich would translate into significant value, especially for those professional users who want to have the capabilities and possibilities of two different devices in a single computer.

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