Apple Watch doesn’t use new iCloud + features

The default Apple Watch Mail app does not use the company’s own Mail Privacy Protection feature. It was also found that the Apple Watch it also doesn’t use iCloud Private Relay.

When Apple introduced the new iCloud + functions, users were given the opportunity to purchase these services for a small price from 0.99 euros per month and we would also have 50 GB of storage. These sections are extended up to 1TB but the functions are the same in all its versions. However a developer and security researcher has discovered that the default Apple Watch Mail app does not use the company’s own Email Privacy Protection feature. The team also found that the Apple Watch also doesn’t use iCloud Private Relay. This has been announced through your account on the social network Twitter.

These functions are very useful for maintaining and increase the privacy of users on the Internet and when we exchange emails or we use them to register for some services:

The emails you receive may include hidden pixels that allow the sender of the email to obtain information about you. As soon as you open an email, the sender can collect information about your activity. Email senders can know when and how many times you opened their email, for example.

Mail’s Privacy Shield helps protect privacy by preventing email senders, including Apple, from collecting information about your Mail activity. When you receive an email in the Mail app, instead of downloading remote content, download remote content in the background. This it does by default. Regardless of how you interact with email.

However it seems that this does not happen when we read an email on the Apple Watch. Something that must be solved as soon as possible. Because it makes no sense to have an Apple Watch and see the emails if for this we must renounce privacy.

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