Apple Watch Series 7 in 2023, is it worth it?

Main features

The first thing you have to take into account when evaluating the Apple Watch Series 7 is that It is really similar to the Apple Watch Series 8. In fact, the only big change that you will be able to appreciate between them is that in the Series 8 the temperature sensor makes an appearance, while in the Series 7 it does not. In the rest of the aspect it is practically the same.

With it you can manage all notifications of your iPhone, measure daily activity through the famous rings as well as record each workout with the Training app and, of course, the rest of the apps you have access to. At the level of health you can measure your blood oxygenyou heart rate and of course, get an electrocardiogram whenever you want. In addition, it has a function that has helped save many lives today, which is the fall detectionso that if you fall and you cannot call the emergency service by yourself, the watch itself will do it for you, even indicating the location where you are so that they can go to help you or even save your life .

Refering to batteryIf you use the equipment normally, you will have to charge it practically every day, but you have to take into account that this Apple Watch Series 7 enjoys the fast chargeso in a few minutes you will have your watch at 100% and ready to continue using it normally, something that is really handy, especially for those who also use it to monitor sleep at night.

Is it a good idea to buy it now?

This is the big question that many ask themselves, is it a good idea to buy the Apple Watch Series 7 in 2023? Well, the reality is that it all depends on your needssince in the end it is a watch that you can surely find cheaper, not at Apple, because the Cupertino company no longer sells it, but in other stores, and which has practically the same features as the Series 8 .

Apple Watch S7 charging

Therefore, taking into account that you will be able to do practically the same and that you will surely find the Series 7 at a cheaper price, Without a doubt, it is worth acquiring it in the middle of 2023. In addition, it is a team that is not even two years old, so you can continue enjoying updates for the next few years without any problem. Now, if your intention is to buy it second-hand, check the battery status before buying it, since that will greatly affect the user experience you will have with this device.

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