Apple Watch Series 7 lacks diagnostic port


Not everyone knows that since series 3, the Apple Watch has a hidden connector. Apple uses it to be able to connect it by cable to a computer and thus be able to force it to install new software in case of failure. It is called the diagnostic port and is used by company repairers.

Well, with the new 7 series, said connector it has disappeared of the Apple Watch. The company has replaced this system with the 60.5 GHz wireless transfer module. It is clear that the fewer slots, the more tight the device gets.

Until this friday October 15th The deliveries of the first orders made for the new Apple Watch Series 7 do not begin. But as usual, Apple has already distributed some units among some youtubers and specialized critics of the sector, and the first impressions have already begun to appear on the internet.

And in some of them it has already been confirmed that the new Apple Watch Series 7 It lacks the hidden diagnostic port that all Apple Watch from series 3 brought. Apple has been using this connector for diagnostic purposes when repairing an Apple Watch, as well as being able to restore watchOS through said port with a special cable connected to a computer.

The lack of such a diagnostic port on Apple Watch Series 7 models probably explains the addition of the wireless data transfer module for 60.5 GHz. The FCC filings indicated that the module is only activated when the Apple Watch is placed in a proprietary magnetic base with a corresponding 60.5 GHz module. So it is possible that Apple repairers can use this base to perform diagnostics or restore watchOS wirelessly on Series 7 models.

It is clear that one less connector implies a greater tightness Of the device. Perhaps thanks to the elimination of this port, the new 7 series has been able to achieve the IP6X rating for dust resistance.

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