Apple Watch Series 7 versus Watch Series 6: what are the differences between watches?

The Apple Watch Series 7 has been made official by Apple. What are the differences with the Apple Watch Series 6? We take stock.

During its back-to-school keynote broadcast on Tuesday, September 14, Apple lifted the veil on the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPad mini 6 and… the Apple Watch Series 7. As every year, the Cupertino company updates his connected watch. And, in 2021, it changes – a little – its look. Above all, she gains a bigger screen.

Of course, there are some differences between the Apple Watch Series 6 – which was not a revolutionary product at all – and the Apple Watch Series 7. So we take stock, but note that Apple’s new watch does not. will not be available until this fall, at a date not yet communicated by the company.

The evolution of the design of the Apple Watch // Source: Apple

Apple Watch Series 7 is bigger and more durable

The Apple Watch Series 7 looks more like the Apple Watch Series 6 than rumors suggest. Many expected Apple to apply its flagship design of the moment – flat edges – to its watch. This will not be the case: the Apple Watch Series 7 retains the roundness and its rounded edges. However, the dial is a little bigger: we go from 40/44 to 41/45 millimeters – which should not change the situation too much in terms of comfort. Good point: all bracelets marketed since the very first generation are compatible – including Hermès which cost more than the watch.

Apple has also improved the resistance, with glass up to 50% thicker and shockproof. We are also guaranteed an IP6X certification, which will allow the Apple Watch Series 7 to survive dust (a big plus for the beach). Water resistance up to 50 meters is always the order of the day for underwater sessions.

Like the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch Series 7 will be available in three finishes: aluminum, steel and titanium.

Update on colors :

Apple Watch Series 6 Apple Watch Series 7
Aluminum silver, space gray, red, blue, gold midnight, starlight, green, blue and red
Steel silver, graphite, gold silver, graphite, gold
Titanium titanium, space black NC

Apple Watch Series 7 offers 20% more display area

Apple Watch Series 7’s beautiful display offers almost 20% more display area », Promises Apple with its new smartwatch. This development should guarantee a better user experience, since the watch will be able to display more information.

For example, it will display a new AZERTY keyboard to enter text more easily. This keyboard will be compatible with QuickPath input, which offers the possibility of typing quickly by sliding your finger.

The watchOS 8 update will also include applications optimized for this larger screen (such as the stopwatch).

Like the Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch Series 7 has the always-on feature. So the screen is always on and dims when not in use. On this point, we observe a gain in luminosity of 70%.

Text on Apple Watch Series 6 (left) versus text on Apple Watch Series 7 (right) // Source: Apple

The mystery of the chip embedded in the Apple Watch Series 7

Apple has not said anything about the chip integrated in the Apple Watch Series 7, while we are so used to the multinational touting its latest addition (always more powerful and efficient). Developer Steve Troughton-Smith may have discovered why. In a tweet posted on September 15, he shared a screenshot from Xcode in which we can see that the Apple Watch Series 7 has exactly the same processor as the Apple Watch Series 6. We can better understand why Apple does not. isn’t touted – which isn’t to say the new watch won’t deliver performance that meets expectations.

Apple Watch Series 7 won’t last any longer

Apple is obviously unable to improve the autonomy of its watch, promising up to 18 hours of use. It should always be recharged at least once a day. In contrast, the Apple Watch Series 7 will fill its battery much faster (+ 33%). With this improved recharge, 8 minutes would be enough for an 8 hour night’s sleep.

Apple Watch Series 7 // Source: Apple

Apple Watch Series 7 adds no health sensors

The Apple Watch has always been a product focused on health. Since the very first generation, various sensors have been added to monitor indicators such as heart rate, electrical activity of the heart (ECG) or the level of oxygen in the blood. The new watch uses these different sensors, but will not offer anything new.

At the level of the other sensors, we will find: GPS / GNSS, compass, altimeter (always activated), gyroscope or even accelerometer. The datasheet is completed with a speaker, microphone and ambient light sensor. Either everything that was already present on the Apple Watch Series 6.

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