Apple Watch Series 7 will be even bigger according to new rumors

Apple Watch Series 7 concept

At the moment all we can imagine of the future of the Apple Watch are concepts or rumors. In fact, the only thing we are sure of is that there will indeed be a new version of the watch. But we do not know what news it will bring, if it will change its design or colors. New rumors indicate that even will grow in size compared to series 6.

Every time September approaches, we have rumors on the order of the day. Not only because of the new version of the iPhone, but there are other products that make the headlines. Again we have a rumor about the future of the Apple Watch. We already have the design change with a more square look, in line with the iPhone. We even have rumors about the new features but at the moment we do not have more than that, rumors from reliable sources, Yes indeed.

In fact, one of those sources, UnclePan, has poured into the Chinese social network, Vibo, which may be the penultimate rumor about the future of Apple’s smart watch. It seems that it will grow in size. Not much more. It will go from having 40mm to 41mm and 44mm to 45mm. It seems that it is not much, but on the wrist we are talking about a considerable improvement for those who like watches with character.

As always when we talk about rumors, we will have to wait for them to be confirmed or disproved. That will only happen the moment the event occurs Apple of which we still do not know anything about anything. Two dates are speculated as the most appropriate, September 14 and 21.

Today, all rumors, but the fact is that this size expansion if it comes with the new design, it makes a lot of sense. As this millimeter is more square, it will be even more noticeable, looking even bigger and who knows, it may gain a little more screen, which is always good.

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