Apple Watch straps will be compatible with the 7 series

One of the rumors that sounded more weight was the one that said that the Apple Watch straps would not be compatible with the new 7 series that was going to be presented at today’s event. But Apple has decided that those rumors remain as such, because if they will work.

Apple has presented a new Apple Watch series 7 at yesterday’s event. Some of the rumors that hovered around this new device have not been fulfilled. For example, it does not have the square edges in the style of iPhone 12 and the straps that you have from your old Apple Watch. yes they will be valid for this new one.

Other rumors have been fulfilled. Unfortunately we do not have new sensors for health but if a watch very intended for cycling and especially for E-bikes, hence the IP6X dust resistance, WR50 water resistant and “crack resistant screen” as Apple says.

So it is very good news, especially for those who have straps that are especially expensive, such as those of links or Herm├ęs. It is true that the functions of this new watch and especially the new colors, make it plausible that you want to buy a new one. SDo everything to show off that new screen with much more brightness.

Also thanks to its larger screen, the Apple Watch Series 7 will get a full keyboard with QuickPath and new watch faces. That is always good for brand new straps. Well the truth is that it is always a good time to release new straps.

Oh by the way, we’ll have to wait to get it on our wrists because Apple hasn’t mentioned the watch’s availability date. Only one general has mentioned “this fall.” Patience but knowing that our belts will be valid for this new model.

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