Apple Watch temperature sensor, 280 Macs together in George Lucas and much more. The best of the week in I’m from Mac

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This week was quite calm in terms of news related to the Apple world and the Cupertino company. In this case, today, Sunday, May 8, we fully enter the last weeks before Apple’s WWDC takes place, an event expected by developers and by users who want to see what’s new in software that the Cupertino company has prepared for us. While the day of the event arrives, we continue to see the rest of the related news and today we will see some of the highlights in I am from Mac.

The first notable news is about the rumors of the temperature sensor that the Apple Watch could or could not carry. This sensor is one of the most rumored for the Apple Watch for a long time and it is not clear if they will end up implementing it finally on the Apple device.

app store

An App Store app cleanup is being done this week. It’s been a long time since this happened and the developers together with the Cupertino company removed some apps from the store to tidy up the store a bit. Now it seems that everything is in its place.

In one of the latest videos released by Apple on its official YouTube channel, you can see a whopping 280 Macs in George Lucas’ studio. The sound lab, Skywalker Sound, all these Macs work to create the iconic sounds of Stars Wars and Apple shows us.

Apple Store in California

They already have the number 1 as computer manufacturers. Apple gets that the total shipments during the first quarter of this year reach 22.3 millionaccording to Canalys in its study of companies this quarter.

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