Apple will adopt USB-C but does not abandon the Made For iPhone certification

Apple will adopt the USB-C interface, for all products sold on the Old Continent at least. This decision apparently does not mean the end of the MFi program. The Cupertino company would have found a solution to continue to certify cables and accessories for iOS.

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On October 23, 2022, Europe definitively imposed the use of USB-C on Apple. In everyone’s opinion, this decision was a victory for consumers, as the Apple firm had until then become accustomed to going it alone in terms of ports and standards by imposing its own cables and connectors. Owners of iPhone 15 and above will no longer have to pay full price to benefit from guaranteed data speeds. Except… according to a Weibo member, the Cupertino company would have found a way to circumvent these obligations by yet another technical pirouette.

According to the message published on the Chinese social network by Cell Phone Chip Expert, Apple has designed a USB-C and Lightning compatible interface that will be compatible with the iPhone 15s that will be released this year and devices with MFi certification. The Taiwanese user’s post leaves little room for interpretation. The firm at the apple would be in the process of integrating into its devices a controller that will detect if the accessory used is MFi compatible. It will adapt the data rate or the charging power accordingly.

Apple will restrict “simple” USB-C cables to favor its own

If this information were proven, it could raise a real outcry among consumers as it is only justified by the lure of profit. MFi certification is a real annuity for Apple. For Tim Cook and his teams, it is therefore out of the question to give up on it. The company wants continue to evolve in its closed ecosystemand many iPhone fans probably won’t think twice before paying for their more expensive cables.

Admittedly, Apple will make its future smartphones more attractive, using the same photo sensor for all iPhone 15 models, in particular. The company will not abandon questionable business practices.

Source : Weibo

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