Apple will be involved in all the details of the Apple Car

The rumors about the Apple car are still quite confusing today and just yesterday when we published the article on Tim Cook’s possible Apple recall, precisely the arrival of this car came to mind as a possible key moment, although Mark Gurman really spoke of a possible departure from Apple at the time of the launch of a new category product and referred to virtual reality glasses. In any case, the Apple car, better known as the Apple Car, has also been among rumors for years and from AppleInsider, it is insisted that the Cupertino firm will be in charge of all aspects of this project.

Apple will be involved in all the details of the Apple Car

A new report from several analysts indicates that the company will focus on the entire project as it has been doing for years and will not at any time leave work to be carried out by other companies … According to what we read from analysts such as Morgan Stanley and Katy Huberty: “Apple will implement its strategy in such a vehicle” or the “legacy of Apple CEO Tim Cook.”

What they mean is that at no time will Apple let third-party companies “spoil” the user experience that this Apple car could have, this is something we have already seen with iPhones or Macs. Huberty comes to tell us that at the Cupertino firm they will likely control every single aspect of the car, including the design, software features, and even the car’s internal components and technologies.

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