Apple will delay the release of iPadOS 16 due to problems with Stage Manager

The release of iPadOS 16 has been delayed until October, which means that said operating system will not hit the market at the same time as iOS 16, as they tell us from Bloomberg. It is important because, normally, Apple has been releasing both operating systems simultaneously, and also because the main reason behind this delay is a problem with one of the most anticipated functions, Stage Manager.

With Stage Manager Apple has introduced a new multitasking experience on iPadOS 16 compatible iPads. This experience is more in line with what we can expect from a Mac, and allows display a total of 8 applications simultaneously, four on the iPad screen and another four on an external display. This represents an important improvement, but at the same time it consumes more resources, and this has made Apple decide to limit the support of this new multitasking to iPads based on M1 chips.

According to the source of the news, Apple has decided to delay the release of iPadOS 16 because, apparently, it is still is working on fixing some bugs of some importance, and because the implementation of Stage Manager is not yet fully optimized. Put more simply, Apple still has work ahead of it, although if everything goes according to plan, the arrival of this new operating system should not take longer than October.

The high hardware demands that Stage Manager has have generated discomfort among users of older iPads equipped with A12Z SoCs, such as the iPad Pro 2020, who will not be able to enjoy this new feature, but Apple has been very clear and has said that it would be impossible to offer good performance, and therefore a good experience, on computers that use that hardware configuration because they don’t have enough power.

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Apple will soon release new iPad Pro equipped with M2 SoCand also prepares a new cheap iPad that will have a USB Type-C connector, but users of models with SoC M1 have nothing to worry about, these They will have a long service life.

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